Handcrafted & Made with Love

High-quality, handcrafted soap formulated with natural oils, fats, and butters that take you back to the basics. Say farewell to those harmful ingredients commonly found in commercially made soaps. These premium soaps have NO parabens, phthalates, or synthetic detergents. Our mission goes beyond mere cleansing-we aspire to purify not just your body, but your mind and soul as well. Let our soaps elevate and inspire the very best version of YOU.

Meet your soaper

Hey there friends, welcome to afalcysoapco! I’m Alicia, your proud founder of AFALCY BATH & BODY, LLC and artisan soap maker. I am delighted to meet you, and I'm thrilled that you've graced us with your presence! Allow me to share the story behind afalcysoapco, its purpose in providing quality products, connecting, and creating a life of balance.

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